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Encino West Psychological Services provides educational advocacy and comprehensive psychoeducational assessments in the following areas:

Learning Disabilities Assessment

These specific tests are administered to evaluate a child’s performance in the areas of reading, writing, language and mathematics to identify any barriers to learning so they can be addressed.   

Attention Deficit Evaluations

To help determine whether a child’s inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity is negatively affecting their social or academic success.

Accommodation Assessments

Assessments are conducted to identify whether specific accommodations should be recommended for standardized tests and other academic environments.  This includes accommodations for students who are experiencing mental health symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, that negatively impact test taking and performance on exams needed for graduate programs.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessments

Children progress at different rates.  Assessments are conducted to measure the degree to which children possess the academic knowledge, social, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in a more structured kindergarten environment.

Social/Emotional Testing

Evaluates the interaction between a child’s social/emotional functioning and academic performance to identify whether one is negatively impacting the other.

Educational Advocacy 

As educational advocates we can help aid parents in navigating the educational system to obtain appropriate school-based interventions and services. After the assessment process, we are able to provide expert opinions about how to best help your child in their classroom. We can collaborate in school meetings with the goal of advocating for the best educational experience for your child.

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